Monday, February 8, 2010


Now that Hannah is officially a walker, dining out is a much more challenging experience. We had dinner with my mom and grandma on Friday evening. It was at the Chinese restaurant where we held our wedding reception. Luckily it wasn't that busy (despite the Chinese New Year season) for half-way through the dinner, Hannah decided that she had enough of the highchair and it was time to do some walking. Around and around the restaurant we went. We thanked our lucky stars that this was a restaurant where we knew the staff well and the patrons were all dining along the edge of the restaurant.

We remembered the good old days where she was happy to nurse and sleep in her carseat afterwards. There were also the days where she was just learning to hold her bottle and would watch the rest of us chat and eat. Now her legs are constantly going and her desire to explore is ever-growing. I'm so happy that she's curious and she's not afraid to wander around even in the presence of strangers (in fact, she greets every wait staff with a bubbly, "Hi!"), but I wish she'd hold least, until after dessert.

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