Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I put my baby in the Bumbo Baby Sitter when I noticed that she could hold her head up steadily. Hannah was almost three months old. At four months, she could sit on her own for about thirty seconds at a time. She needed her arms for support (like a tripod), but her time in the Bumbo gave her a clue as to what sitting up and viewing the world in a different way was all about.

The Bumbo is a lightweight, non-toxic baby seat made of low density foam used to help babies sit on their own. It is easy to clean and portable. The seat does not have any straps, however, it holds the baby in securely because of its unique design. The raised leg openings decrease stress on the baby's spine while the front support prevents the baby from sliding forward. It comes in many colours such as pink, yellow, blue, and purple. When ready, a Bumbo tray can be purchased so that the baby can play while sitting.

For safety reasons, the Bumbo should not be placed on an elevated surface. Parents should watch their children carefully while they are in the Bumbo.


Martha said...

Love the Bumbo!! My sister used it for my nephew when he was around the same age as your daughter. He loved it and looked so adorable in it...just like your baby girl! ;)

Hip Teacher Mama said...

It took a while for Hannah to enjoy it because she did not like to be restricted. However, once she got used to it, she would watch tv, play with her toys, and talk to me while sitting. It has been a great addition to our family room.