Thursday, April 30, 2009


The sweet potato or yam is a great first baby food. It is high in fibre, beta-carotene, calcium, and vitamin A. It also has a natural sweetness that babies will love.

We already know about how "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" so why not introduce your baby to this easy to digest fruit?

Combine the sweet potato and apple for a delicious meal!

1. Peel sweet potatoes and apples.
2. Wash well.
3. Steam or boil until tender together.
Steaming retains more nutrients.
4. Puree. Add a bit of water if needed.

Eat fresh or store for later use. Eat within 48 hours if stored in the refrigerator and 3 months if stored in the freezer. Remember that babies do not need any spices or condiments added to their food.


Sanford said...

Yum Yum give me some! Is this only for babies or can hungry adults also partake in this healthy goodness?!?!?

Hip Teacher Mama said...

Funny you should ask. This particular dish is made for babies, however, it's been known to be served as a side in fine dining restaurants with additional spices and herbs. Thicken this up a bit and it will go well with baked flatbread as well as a condiment paring with pork or chicken.

Martha said...

Yum-o! Seriously, baby food is so gourmet, I want what THEY'RE having!

Anonymous said...

I used to add spices with Dominic's food and he eat much better. The end result, he now has a more "sophisticated" palette and prefers food with more flavor.
Sweet potatoes was his absolute favorite. Couldn't get him to eat anything else!