Thursday, May 28, 2009


Although potatoes are not the most nutritious type of vegetable, it is easily digested. Some moms love it as a weaning food, however, some like to use it as a base for a more complicated dish. Once your baby has tried several veggies and meat, you can make a shepherd's pie to tickle your little one's palate.

Ingredients are simple and readily available in your home: carrots, ground beef, green peas, and potatoes.

1) Cook the meat and drain away all the fat.
2) Boil the carrots until tender.
3) Boil the peas (fresh or frozen) until tender.
4) Peel the potatoes and cut into small pieces. Boil the potatoes until tender.
5) Using a hand-blender or food processor, mix the ingredients together.


Martha said...

Yummy!!! All of your recipes so far have been so delightful. If baby doesn't finish this one, I would. lol!

John Gobeil said...

That sure does look good! I think I may have to try that one out on Jillian.