Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For the first few weeks of life, babies only see a couple of feet in front of them. They rely on their other senses to explore the world around them especially using their sense of touch. This makes the Bright Baby Touch and Feel series of books a must-have item on your baby's bookshelf.

Roger Priddy has numerous books in this collection such as Colours, Shapes, Numbers, and Words. These books are excellent in developing babies' first language skills as well as visually connecting concepts to words. The photographs are big and brightly coloured and the words are simple and common to everyday use. The tactile element is provided in each book, where the reader must feel around to find the patch of material embedded on the pages (not every page has a patch). When discovered, readers are delighted as to the realism of the patch. I know I was. My favourite patches are the wooden puzzle pieces and teddy bear's nose while my daughter loved petting the dog and running her finger over the truck's front grill.

Available at Chapters and Indigo as well as online at Amazon for $4.95.


Martha said...

What great series of books? Will H loan them out when my little one comes around? :p

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Friendly Fly said...

I was at Chapters yesterday and I checked up on the Priddy books that you recommended... just love them. Wanted to get some for my six months old granddaughter, but apparently her mom had already gotten her some so I have to check with my daughter-in-law to avoid duplication. Thanks for your recommendation...the Priddy books are awesome! :)