Monday, May 18, 2009


I've never been a drinker so this isn't about $2 shots or my local pub. My happy hour is spent on a warm covered table, undressed, and rubbed down by someone who used to be a stranger, but now, I consider a friend. Other hip mamas know what I'm talking about: the massage. Ahhh...

When I was pregnant, this was the hour I looked forward to the most each week. Why? Carrying an extra forty plus pounds gave me backaches. I had puffy feet from water retention and headaches from thinking about labour pains. Who wouldn't look forward to this ritual? Dim lights, soft music and someone to take the soreness away from your aching joints. Pushing away pain you almost didn't know you had. It was heaven!

Now that I'm a mama and not just expecting, this happy hour is far and few between. However, when I do manage to go, it is the hour I really treasure. I still have backaches and headaches, but thank goodness, the puffy feet are gone! The backaches are from carrying my ever-growing child and the headaches are from worrying about her next milestone. My massage therapist is awesome and asks what I'd like done each visit. On top of her physical work, she is also good to talk to. She's reminded me to do stretches and tells me which part of my back I've been putting too much stress on. It's good to know a professional is watching out for me even when I sometimes forget to take care of myself.

All Hip Mamas, take this advice: "Take an hour wherever you can get it and get a professional massage. You'll feel relaxed, pampered, and ready to take on the world...or at least another sleepless night!"

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Martha said...

Massages are definitely a must--whether you're expecting or not!

As someone who works in front of a computer 40+ hours per week (but isn't pregnant), I can attest to the fact that a professional massage can do wonders for your body!