Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mix up some greens in one hot-pot for your little one!
Broccoli is in season now and provides vitamins A, C, and K as well as fibre to keep everything running smoothly. Peas provide vitamin C, fibre, and iron. As they are not readily available fresh in the summer, frozen peas are just as good for this recipe. Remember that skins may be difficult for a baby to swallow so be sure to remove them before serving or only if your baby has some chewing ability.

1) Steam or boil broccoli and peas until cooked.
2) Add some of the cooking liquid and puree or mash together.


Martha said...

How healthy!

Question it hard to remove the skin off a pea? I've never done it before. Wouldn't mashing/pureeing them solve the diffculty of swallowing issue for baby?

Hip Teacher Mama said...

You remove them AFTER mashing or pureeing? I encountered this issue when first making peas. Those skins are tougher than they look so they didn't break down as well as I had hoped. Simply go through the mixture with a fine-tooth comb (not literally :)) to ensure a safe meal for your little one!