Monday, August 24, 2009


As I spent this weekend hitting up the malls for my own Back to School shopping, two things really irked me. Both had to do with common courtesy, common sense, and public space. It's almost silly to write about because it should be soooooo obvious, however, it's still bugging me so I thought I'd post it and get it out of my system. I'd love your thoughts.

Annoying Thing #1:
People who don't need to use the elevator take up space for those who need it. Teenagers walking around bouncing to their iPods while drinking bubble tea clearly don't need to use the elevator. Couples walking hand in hand on a date don't need the elevator. People who work in the mall when the escalator is there and much faster really don't need the elevator. Parents with strollers, shoppers in wheelchairs, and those with canes really do. I know sometimes you may decide to hop on the elevator because it's there, maybe you're tired from a long day of shopping, or just for the novelty of it, but really, if you see someone in line for the elevator who NEEDS it, step aside and smile. We would really appreciate it. The escalators are for those who can go up and down freely and strollers aren't going on those.

Annoying Thing #2:
People who go into the family washroom and don't need it. Again, I've seen singles come out of the family designated area (sure you may be a parent, but if you are childless at the mall, it doesn't count). I don't know about you, but for me, when nature calls, I need to answer! I can't wait for a whole slew of teens to come out of the family washroom after checking on each other's make-up. Family washrooms are especially made for those with strollers and little kids who simply can't fit into a regular-sized stall. Be thoughtful and go to the regular one.

On another note, I did have a couple of pleasant experiences at the various malls this weekend.

Markville Mall: WINNERS has a great selection of items to get teachers and kids back in the mood for school including: agendas, knapsacks, pens, magnet/whiteboards, and of course, new clothes and shoes! Final clearance sale goes until August 30, 2009.

Pickering Town Centre: Excellent sales at COLES with many kids' books on sale from $2-$10.

Yorkdale: Great clearance section at GYMBOREE with the friendliest staff at any store thus far. 30% on top of the sale prices were great and yes, earn those Gymbucks!

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