Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm teaching Grade One in a couple of weeks so my mom will look after Hannah until her full-time daycare plans kick in. We're very excited to get the call into this daycare as it's the best one in the neighbourhood and everyone I'd told so far is excited that we got in. If you are contemplating what type of childcare is right for you, look now and sign up quickly. Chances are you are going to be on a waiting list.

If you don't have childcare lined up yet, figure out what you'd like for your child. There are basically two types in Ontario, Canada: informal and licensed. Informal would include relatives, neighbours, friends, or nannies. Licensed childcare is regulated by law and is monitored by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Ask yourself:

1) Do you want your child to have programs that will make school transition easier?
2) Is socialization an important aspect of the day?
3) How important a factor is cost in your child's safety and education?

Find out the regulations that pertain to you including the maximum number of kids per venue, maximum number of kids per age group, fee subsidies, etc. at:

Finding the right childcare for you is not an easy decision so take the time to research before settling. After all, you want someone who is nurturing, encouraging, and patient while teaching and coaching...essentially someone who is you when you aren't available.

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