Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My cloth diaper experience has been pleasant so far and I've found more two products to support my positive feelings about cloth diapering.

BUMMIS Super Brite diaper covers are waterproof and easy-to-clean. For any small leak, the laminated interior made it very easy to wipe. The velcro sides were adjustable and fit perfectly around the legs and did not cut into the thighs. Since the material was thin, it did not make the bottoms any bulkier than the cloth diaper itself. The sizes start at Newborn and go to XL, which is well into potty training age. You can use a flat or form-fitted diaper with this cover. They come in white, but also in adorable patterned colours. Check out their site and support a Canadian company!

They are available in Toronto and surrounding areas at Nature's Emporium, Baby on the Hip, Once Upon a Child, Moms to be...and More, Universal Diapers, Barks 'n Giggles, Jolly Tots and more.

The other important part of cloth diapering is that safety pins are out and easy-to-use Snappis are in! The Snappi Diaper Fastener made cloth diapering easy. No worries about poking myself with a pin as a squirmy baby lay on the change table.

Simply hook onto the left side of the diaper, stretch over to the right and hook, and lastly, pull down. The unique T-shape design can allow you to change a diaper almost with one hand. The final shape should now look like a Y. You can even get a variety of colours to match your diaper covers if you wish! Totally HIP!

These cool fasteners are available on-line and at Parenting by Nature, Diaper Days, Cheeky Monkey and at bummis.com.

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