Monday, August 17, 2009


With the temperatures feeling like 35C on Saturday, we decided that an indoor activity would be great for our little girl. Since my husband and I are teachers, we decided to take advantage and present our Ontario College of Teachers cards for free admission to the Ontario Science Centre. We saved $36, but paid $8 for parking. It was well worth it for four hours of non-stop fun and learning.

Our first stop was devoted to our first love: food. Not only did we meet Colborne Lane's owner and executive chef, Claudio Aprile (we are going there in September, hence the excitement), he put us into his Blackberry and promised, "We'll take care of you." That means a lot coming from someone whose ingenious food prep techniques wowed the crowd for an hour. Using liquid nitrogen and many organic ingredients, we saw Chef Aprile and his sous chef create sponge cake, frozen fruit, and mini ice-cream balls (much like Dippin' Dots). If you love food as much as I do, check out Food Science: Unearthed!

We then explored KidSpark, where Hannah toyed with plastic food, measured her hand against different animals', and played with musical instruments. We were all fascinated by the bubble lady. We found a machine that created our picture using only beads of water. Then we went to see who could jump the highest.
The Lizards & Snakes: Alive! exhibit was extremely busy. Not surprising, since it featured over 50 different lizards including pythons and water monitors. After the lizards we moved onto another part of the science centre where numerous hands-on activities were too inviting to walk by. We tried to match the face after listening to a pre-recorded voice. Then we played a game that forced us to cooperate or compete. We memorized faces and tried to pick one out of a line-up. We made sentences out of spinning blocks and followed a path to test our personal space comfort level. We even blended our faces into one using a one-way mirror. It was around 3pm when we decided to pack it up, but we'll be back! The science centre has always fascinated me and I've always walked away learning a few new facts. Although Hannah is only nine months old, it's never too early for someone to wonder the hows and whys of something.

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