Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My fondness for baby-wearing continues with the best padded sling I've used to date! In black and stylish, In the Pocket Baby's sling is compact and practical.

This sling is extremely easy to slip on and off and the best features are two-fold. First, you can tighten the front and back by simply pulling the straps without any assistance from anyone. Reaching behind you and pulling down, the pouch tightens and pulls your baby in closer to you. Tightening the front is the same way: one quick pull and it's done. To release, just loosen the other way. Buckles help secure your tiny bundle of joy even further.

The second best feature is the padded sling on the shoulder so that you can wear your baby for longer. Created by Swedish designers, this sling is good for babies from birth to 20kg. You can place your baby right in the pocket or after about ten months, wear your child on your hip or back. Personally I love Hannah on the hip so I have one arm around her while I type, shop, or hold a phone with the other hand. Check out their website for more hip products.

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