Monday, November 2, 2009


After weeks of begging, I finally gave into my students' wishes and Hannah came to visit. It was a surprise and my kids were so excited and happy to see her. She came on Friday afternoon just in time to see my kids at their most hyper. She was dressed up as a lion and charmed them with her smile. The girls were more interested than the boys who would rather stay in character as Transformers than ooh and aah over a little baby. It was hard to get the kids to maintain personal space especially when Hannah began to touch them on the heads. I can see babysitting in their near future. They were so attached to her!

On Saturday we had to meet my in-laws for lunch so we decided to hang out at the mall while we waited. They decided to come meet us there and they I got a call from my God-daughter's mommy. Would we want to trick or treat in the mall? Sure, why not? Unfortunately, this year the shops decided not to hand out candy so after an hour of walking around we went to run some errands. My husband got a special treat, an afternoon of napping, while Hannah and I played downstairs.

After dinner, we visited our neighbours for some candy. We said some hellos, got some treats, and of course, took a dozen pictures. I was so amazed at the weather. I remember the past few years were wet and dreary. I think Hannah's first Halloween was a great success. How was your Halloween?

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Friendly Fly said...

Hannah is sooooooooooooooooo cute with her lion costume. I noticed the 2 lollipops sticking between her funny!!! Nice shot!