Monday, November 23, 2009


To celebrate the end of report cards (writing them, not distributing), my husband suggested a weekend away to shop! Who am I to argue? Away we went right after work on Friday and it took a little over two hours to get there. Traffic was crazy, but NOT even close to what we endured on the way home.

Anyway we checked into the hotel around 7pm, visited the nearby Fallsview Casino Resort, and grabbed some pizaa for dinner. Chilled in the hotel room while my husband finished his report cards via the free wireless internet. Technology's great! :P

The next morning we got some Starbuck's and Timmy's and headed over the border. Did some major damage at the outlets and had time to swing by Boulevard Mall. LOVED LOVED LOVED the Gymboree Outlet as well as Esprit. Unfortunately we got stuck on the border along with the other deal seekers and got home about four hours later. We also got taxed (this has never happened to me in about ten years of Buffalo shopping), but still the deals were awesome! Can't wait to go back again...perhaps to celebrate Term 2 reports? Ha ha...

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