Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Continuing my journey through the world of baby-wearing, I've discovered a cool product by Blue Celery. It's unique design consists of two pull-on pouches and for heavier babies, you can add a waist band for extra support. The design can be used to wear your baby in several different ways because the weight is evenly distributed over the upper body.

Blue Celery Baby Slings come in three neutral colours so it goes with any outfit. Without any rings or bands, it is user-friendly and gender neutral. It's machine-washable and the stretchy soft fabric fits comfortably over your shoulders.

Hannah loves to be held close and has grown more attached to me since I've started baby-wearing. In fact, despite a new stroller, she still prefers to walk with me while we shop rather than sit down. She falls asleep with her head on my shoulder and I assume likes to listen to my heart beat. It makes me smile to think that's the exact sound she heard while in the womb.

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