Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Function or style? How about both? When it comes to bibs, parents know that it is a must-have especially if you've spent lots of money on those too-cute-to-be true outfits. Bebe au Lait has the amazing Reversible Double Bib that satisfies this hip mama's need for fashion and practicality. One side has a cute design for the mini-fashionista while the other is a white terry cloth that just screams, "Wear me! I'm soft." The magnetic closure makes it easy to put on and off and the size of it is awesome. It overlaps to cover Hannah's entire upper body so any strays dribbles or accidents don't concern me much. This bib is $16, but really it's two bibs in one and the styles are awesome. My personal favourites are the YOKO, SEVILLA, and SOFT SPOT styles.
Check out Bebe au Lait's site to find your favourite design or drop by a local store for more of this company's innovative products: Babyland (Vaughan), Baby on the Hip (Toronto), Dearborn Baby (Thornhill), and more. Check out their site for more locations in Ontario. They ship internationally!

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