Tuesday, June 9, 2009


With a huge diaper bag to lug around, my purse, the stroller, and of course, the baby, sometimes you just want to grab something small and head out the door. The designers at BUILT NY read my mind because they came to the rescue.

Made from easy-to-clean stretchy material, all their products come in a variety of pretty colours and designs. The Double Thirsty Tote ($12US) did its job, for when Hannah had her milk three hours after we left the house, she did so without any fuss (and she is extremely picky about her milk being warm). I attached it to our stroller using the snap-in handle and away we went!

We also used the Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote ($22-$25US) on several occasions and were amazed at how much could fit in the seemingly compact space. In fact, we managed to fit three bottles, two spoons, two small containers of applesauce, and some baby crackers, all in a vibrant mini-pack. Awesome! These and other BUILT NY products are must-haves for any hip mama, teacher or otherwise.

BUILT NY products are available on-line and in Canada at Babies R Us, Canadian Tire, Home Outfitters, and Kitchen Stuff Plus. In the U.S., please visit your local Bed Bath Beyond, Target, Wegman's, and GNC.

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Martha said...

I LOVE BUILT NY products!! I have their laptop sleeve in the Dot No. 7 design and I always get compliments for it :)