Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Created by Dr. Robert Titzer, a child development expert with a PhD in human performace from Indiana University, the Your Baby Can Read! Early Language Development System was the ideal HTM review product. I've seen the infomercials and discussed it with other Hip Teacher Mamas. Could this really work? Could a baby read even before speaking? I decided to test it out for myself. Hannah and I watched it every morning during or after breakfast for three weeks.

Although Hannah babbles quite a bit, she doesn't speak or read. Unlike the babies in the videos, she does not point to her nose, mouth, or any body part when the word comes on the screen. However, she does get excited when certain words flash before her such as baby, toes, and dog so I believe familiarity has set in. During the day, to encourage the recognition of these words, I use them as often as possible. For example, if I am changing her clothes, I will say, "Arms up!" I have good faith that if we continue to watch this program, she may actually do the actions shown on the video. It helps me out in the sense that it is teaching her and gives me a little break. It's hard to be so animated every moment of the day.

The idea of teaching your child to read at this early an age is not new. We may probably find the same success if we sit and read the same book over and over again. However, I would choose this series of videos over a re-run of Four Square or Barney anyday simply because you can watch it repeatedly at your convenience. Since kids like routine, it would be good to watch the program at the same time each day. This being said, this doesn't mean your child is guaranteed to read. However, as a teacher, I like it because includes rhymes and songs in between the word lessons. The words show variety and pictures are clear and concise. The words are not only said, but used in sentences showing context. Like a karaoke video, the words are spoken as an arrow moves underneath it from left to right. Hopefully this suggests to babies that there is direction when it comes to reading words.

The program comes with flip cards and books with sliding windows covering questions and pictures. The complete set comes with 5 DVDs for about $200. It is a good concept, but do not rely on it as the sole provider for language development for your baby. It's still recommended that you read to your child daily. Talk as much as you can when doing anything and encourage your baby to babble or talk. This program is good, but don't be mislead by thinking that by watching the videos several times a day, your child will become a genius. It requires just as much human interaction and nurturing for your child to read than it does the tools to do so. That being said, I do enjoy this program and will continue it as part of our morning routine.


friendly fly said...

the more i read about your blog, the more i feel how lucky your daughter is ... to be blessed with such a loving, devoted and knowledgeable mom.

Martha said...

Your Baby Can Read sounds like an interesting program. I agree with you that nothing can replace human interaction for a baby's development but these DVDs certainly seem like a nice complement!

Martha said...

Oh! And is that our baptism gift to Hannah I see on the mantel???? Yay! I knew you'd like it! ;)