Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In July's issue of PARENTS magazine, 58% of parents revealed that they do not make their own baby food. If you fall into that stat, but wish to feed your little one the healthiest food and are on-the-go (most parents are), here is the yummiest product I've tried on the market today!

Sweetpea Baby Food was created by two childhood friends who realized the need for healthy foods as well as recognizing the busy schedules of new parents. Delicious recipes come in easy-to-snap out frozen cubes and available at grocery stores like Longo's, Michael Angelo's, Highland Farms, and Metro. About $8 per frozen pack, it is slightly pricier than the jarred foods, but without the guilt and much less sodium. So what about the taste?

I decided to do my own research based on the flavours recommended for six-month old children. My seven-month old, Hannah, participated as well as her eleven-month old friend, Evan. A couple of other testers fell ill and also started to refuse solid foods (such is the unexpected ways of the kids), however, I found a suitable replacement, three-year old Ezra, who could tell me exactly what he liked and didn't like. I, of course, tried the foods myself, but didn't include my opinion in the review. Here are the results based on the yummiest to the least lip-smacking as rated by my young panel:

1) Banana Blueberry
2) Pear & Brown Rice
3) Butternut Squash
4) Sweet Potato
5) Broccoli

Not a big surprise that the favourites were the sweetest flavours, but what was wonderful was how each one smelled coming out of the microwave. At thirty seconds per cube, it was a quick warm-up, but the scent of each flavour was enticing and most importantly, natural. It smelled simply like the food and not anything extra because no sugar or salt has been added to it. Although I've been making Hannah's solids for over two months now and will continue to do so (as long as I have time), it's great to know that if I get too busy, Sweetpea is there to help out.


Martha said...

I LOOOVE the pics of H as Sweetpea's Spokesbaby! She is too cute.

Excellent testing panel idea too.

kidfoodie said...

This looks like a really great product for when you don't have time to make your own. My favorite website for homemade baby food recipes is:


The site suggests that you just cook for yourself and feed some to baby. There is a 6 month course of suggestions you can sign up for to guide you in introducing a variety of foods for your baby.

I hope this is helpful.