Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My favourite pacifier clip is the MAM PACIFIER KEEPER. With creative and colourful designs, this clip is ideal for any hip mama and her chic baby. Built with a sliding bar that adjusts to tighten the clip onto the clothing you want to clip the pacifier to, this innovative design makes it a must-have product! Unlike other pacifier keepers where the clip can slip off, the sliding bar makes it impossible for your baby to remove. The ribbon is washable and the Velcro tab to secure the pacifier is made for the long haul. They also come with a ring that can snap onto a button-type pacifier, but you can also remove it if you don't need it. It costs about $5 for each keeper, but some are sold in packs of 2 making each one slightly less costly.
Check your local Babies R Us, Walmart, or Target for availability.


Martha said...

What a great product! Keeps pacifiers near baby and off the floor. Nice!

Anonymous said...

These pacifiers are the greatest. They stay in baby's mouth and the clips are fantastic. Although my baby can pull it off his shirt which I don't like.