Monday, June 22, 2009


It was my husband's first Father's Day and he really milked it (ha ha). We had a Father's Day Weekend instead of just a day. Briefly, here's how Hannah and I helped Daddy celebrate his special day.

Part I: Friday - After work (my husband is also a teacher so I guess that makes him a Hip Teacher Papa), Hannah's daddy wanted to walk around Vaughan Mills and shop (one of the many reasons why I love him)! However after a few hours of going in and out of the outlet shops, we came out surprisingly empty-handed (never happens). Hannah scored the most items with some cute tops and a black pair of pants from Baby Gap.

Part II: Saturday - We spent the day with my in-laws, my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law (whose wedding is at the end of the month). Enjoyed a late lunch and then spent the afternoon at the mall with our laptops out and coffee cups all askew. Why? My husband is in charge of their wedding video so review and editing was necessary. In the evening, we had dinner at my in-laws' while my husband worked on the video some more.

When we arrived home, my husband said he couldn't wait anymore and wanted his presents. I got them out of my secret hiding spot and filmed his first Father's Day gift opening. Hannah got her daddy a sports-themed beer mug. I got him a box of basketball cards and a trophy cup gift card holder. I didn't know which jersey to buy him so I thought I'd let him do that himself. He was extremely happy with the cards simply because a) I usually tell him that sports cards are a waste of money and b) he was surprised I found a box on my own (thanks to my bro-in-law).

Part III: Sunday - We got up as early as we could manage and headed downtown. There are regular schedules and then "hope to be out" schedules for those with kids. Despite the crazy amount of events going on in Toronto (MMVAs, NKOTB concert, etc.), we thought that if we left by three in the afternoon, we'd be fine. We were. Did a little shopping at Eaton Centre and walked around for a while.

When Daddy went to throw out the garbage from lunch, a young couple came up to me and said, "We just wanted to tell you how gorgeous your daughter is. We were watching her with her daddy earlier and she is too beautiful." Awww, too bad Daddy caught the tail end of the conversation. Apparently this couple was married on Saturday and couldn't wait to start a family. I'm sure they were going to have beautiful children thought the girl had stunning blue eyes and perfect olive skin.

Got home and Daddy took a two-hour nap while Hannah seemed to have more energy than normal and refused to nap altogether. Lucky Mommy! Went out for dinner and soon it was time to head home. Bathtime, bottle, and a book later, our sweet little angel went to bed.

So that was my husband's first Father's Day. He said it was great and felt so lucky to have his two favourite girls in his life. Cheesy, but true.

How did you celebrate your Father's Day?


Martha said...

This is too sweet! Glad to hear you three had a great weekend.

Happy Father's Day to the HTP (Hip Teacher Papa)!

Royster said...

Looks like daddy Sanford had a great Father's Day weekend! Any good hits from the Topps Murad? BTW, who wore Orange 23? Madeleine's secret hiding spot wasn't well hidden. I saw my present over a month ago haha.