Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Being eco-friendly and always interested in learning something new (I'm SUCH a teacher), I decided to venture out into the world of cloth diapers. Although reluctant at first, I was persuaded to give it a chance because of all the adorable cloth diapers on the market today. I decided to start with the Kushies Classic available at Walmart and Sears.

The 5-packs sell for about $70. Each one has a unique design and are extremely cute. I thought they did a good job of absorbing any liquid waste and used flushable disposable liners to prevent the solids from staining the cloth diaper. If you don't wish to use disposable liners, you may choose to purchase their washable liners for about $12 for 10 on-line at many retail stores. I didn't find the Velcro a problem although I've heard some moms mention that they irritate the skin. The only drawback, however, was that the diapers were a bit bulky. I had a rough time getting Hannah's pants up around her waist, but when I put pants on her that were slightly bigger than her age, it was fine.

Overall I found this first cloth diapering experience to be unique and fun. The cotton flannel was surprisingly not too warm for her although that may be because the spring weather has been cooler than normal. The extra built-in flap provided extra absorbency, but I could have added more cotton liners in case I needed it. I was excited to try it out and proud of myself for succeeding at something new. Although my mom and grandma both said that's how they did it back in the day. Now I just have to convince my husband that cloth diaper washes are fun!

For FAQs about Kushies and cloth diapering, please click here.

Stayed tuned for further adventures in cloth diapering . . .

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