Friday, June 12, 2009


Usually beginning in May, teaching becomes unbearable. It's not that the kids start to get restless (they do) and teachers are excited about the third term wrapping up (we are), it's the heat inside my school sky-rocketing to ridiculous temperatures. Being an older school, it doesn't have A/C so when you have a classroom with windows that don't open properly, twenty-five students coming in from recess, and the pressure of getting the huge Ontario curriculum covered, the end of the year is NOT a pretty sight. However, this year Mother Nature has been kind to teachers, and I think, somewhat too kind. Personally I wouldn't mind some heat. It's June and yesterday's high was 18C? Where are the 25C averages?

Until then, here's a true Summertime anthem.

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Martha said...

Hahahaha, I love it! I forgot how hilarious this video was.

My hubby and a co-worker actually do the Will/Jazz greeting every time they see each other. Oh, how I love the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! :-D