Monday, June 29, 2009


This weekend, Hannah had her first wedding. Well, clearly, not HER wedding, but the first wedding she attended and it was in Niagara on the Lake. My brother-in-law and soon-to-be sister-in-law lucked out by having 25C temperatures with a very light breeze considering the scorching dry heat from earlier in the week.

We drove up on Friday to get ready for the festivities. Arrived early afternoon so we checked in at the hotel, freshened up, and drove to Niagara Falls to participate in the regular tourist attractions. We met up with my in-laws and walked down Clifton Hill stopping to take pictures in the arcade and various attractions. Of course, the touristy moment wouldn't be complete without the token pose by the Falls themselves. After that, we drove back into town and had a delicious dinner in a quaint little bistro on the main street. Unfortunately this was one of the restaurants with high chairs without straps so we held her during dinner instead. Although sitting well, she sometimes throws herself forward or backward and we didn't want to risk that during a peaceful dinner.

The next morning, we had a hearty breakfast with the groom and my in-laws. We had a couple hours of until the ceremony so they were spent setting up the video for the reception and getting ready. Soon it was time to head over to the Pillar and Post, another local inn, part of the Vintage Hotels chain. The ceremony was in the garden, with beautiful trees and flowers creating a very pretty environment. The bride's side was lucky and had ample shade from the enormous trees on their side of the courtyard. Guests began to filter in and Hannah began to fuss. I must say that holding her for the ceremony in numerous positions was quite the workout. With the sun beating down, holding her up and down, rocking her left and right, and bouncing her gently (all the while praying, "Don't make a peep during the 'if anyone objects' part"), the lovely ceremony seemed to last longer than it did. The bride looked amazing in her ivory gowned adorned with swirls of beading and the groom looked great in his black tux. The bridemaids wore brown with light pink floral bouquets. It was a terrific ceremony. We took some family pictures in another part of the garden and soon, people parted before that evening's reception.

Hannah was getting quite hot and fussy so we drove back to the hotel for some rest and A/C. Daddy was the best man so he had to stay for some more photos. After our much needed hour long nap, we met everyone downstairs for cocktails at 5:30 p.m. Many of Daddy's family friends hadn't met Hannah yet so they were delighted to see her in her formal wear looking like a little doll. The night went on and the four-course meal was awesome. The speeches were great and Daddy was happy that the guests laughed at the appropriate parts. Everyone loved the video and that was my cue to get her changed.

Conveniently located just above the hall was our room so Hannah and I made a quick exit and I changed her into her pajamas. I decided as silly as it may look, with everyone in a gown and my child in polka-dotted sleepwear, it was better to do it now than to wake her at midnight. We went back down where she had her bottle while watching people shake what their momma gave them. We danced a bit afterwards, but I think I twisted and shouted a little too much because she spat up on Daddy when I handed her to him. (Luckily, his tux was a rental. Ha ha!)

Anyway I managed to hang around until the dessert table was laid out (oh that double fudge chocolate cake...) and then of course, the mini-burgers and braised ribs poutine. Hannah mingled with the adults and was a bit of a fascination to a little girl who kept coming around our table to wave to her. That little girl was too cute herself!

We'd say her first wedding was a success. She didn't cry out during the ceremony and didn't leak through her diapers. She didn't spit up too much or knock over the centrepiece. Overall, it was a fun time for all!

Congrats to E & J and enjoy your time in Hawaii. Aloha!

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