Monday, July 13, 2009


We enjoyed the perfect summer event on Sunday afternoon. Celebrating the arts and weather, we were part of thousands at the Beats, Breaks & Culture festival at Harbourfront. We were mainly there for the Breakdancing Finals, but had a chance to explore the artisans whose booths are there throughout the summer. There were also many international foods to try out (of course, I had my churros) and artwork on display.

We arrived around 1pm and walked around Queens Quay for a bit before deciding on some subs for lunch. We found seating on the lawn and watched some kids dance as the DJ spun some old-school beats. I had no idea that ten-year olds could dance like that! I swear I thought they were going to break something, but I guess being that young everything still bends and popping here and there is just fun not risky.

Soon we were joined by Hannah's god-parents and their son and daughter. Aly is going to be one in a few days and the perfect companion for Hannah. As usual, they stared at each other with familiarity and fascination.

We sat around for a while wondering when the competition would begin when Hannah's god-father came swiftly back from his walk to tell us that we missed the big stage. We packed up in one minute flat and high-tailed it to the action.

There, we were delighted by the young people's athleticism as well as creativity. They did knee drops, corkscrews, scissors, freezes, and just about everything that sent the crowd into a frenzy. Even Hannah didn't seem to mind the loud music and watched the audience around her. The dancers' floorwork was incredible. I was quite impressed especially by the females as it's usually a male-dominated art. Midway there was a Michael Jackson tribute and people got up out of their seats and danced. That was a great moment.

Hannah was quite sleepy so she soon fell asleep. We didn't stay for the final result because it seemed like the competition could go on for another hour or more and there is only so long that babies can stand the heat and the noise. It was almost time for dinner too so we parted ways. I think we'll make it an annual event and see if Hannah will pay attention to the dancers next year instead of people standing around us. It was a great event and family friendly.

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