Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hannah's always had a full head of hair, but the main problem was finding the best clips that could adorn her head and STAY there. From dollar stores to accessory stores, I've tried many. Finally I managed to find a local producer of hair clips which are cute and affordable.

Betty's Hair Clips are made of 3/4" alligator clips lined with colourful ribbons and a non-slip grip. The clips stayed in Hannah's hair until recently when she's discovered her hair and started to pull at it. Barring her wandering hands, the clips were excellent and could go in before we went out and last the duration of an outing. They didn't slip off when we pulled a hoodie over her nor when we got her in and out of the carseat. We also received many compliments on the clips' colours and designs.

Betty's clips are fashionable and as we found out, functional and practical. They work on thicker hair like Hannah's, but the non-slip grip made it work for thinner hair as well. Since they are not snap-on clips, they don't damage the hair shaft and are quite gentle. They certainly kept the hair out of Hannah's eyes so we could see more of her adorable face. There are numerous patterns to choose from including dots, stripes, flowers, and even seasonal ones that are perfect for Halloween or Christmas! Prices are quite reasonable starting at $1.75 each. With every 10 purchased, you can get 1 free. Check out Betty's clips and when you order, be sure to let her know that Hip Teacher Mama sent you.

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