Monday, July 27, 2009


In between unpacking (from staying downtown) and packing (for a trip to NY), I had time this weekend to fill in my Hannah Calendar. I didn't realize just how many significant firsts she's had in her young life already. Time certainly has flown by. Those tough months in the beginning with a couple of hours of sleep a night is so different now. She'll sleep at least nine hours straight and I'm so grateful. Her bedtime routine is set and despite the summer nights and unpredictable outings, we try our best to stick with our "bottle, book, and bed" routine.

Hannah is eight and a half months old now. She already has three teeth, holds her own bottle (when she refused bottles before), rolls around from belly to back and back to belly, and is now starting to crawl. Currently she drags herself forward commando style, but in those rare moments, she'll rock forward and back and move ahead. Just over the weekend, I saw her go from her belly to a full sitting position. She's beginning to pull herself up using the side of the couch which means we had to lower her mattress in her crib. My in-laws warned me that soon she'll stand and get out. My husband and I can't believe that our little girl is growing up quickly. We sometimes swaddle her in a blanket and say, "Oh, our baby! She's just one day old." Then we laugh and realize just how the days have gone by too quickly.

The most exciting milestone for me happened many times on Saturday. She's done it before, but not throughout the day. She finally said, "Mama." Although not always in context (she said it while sucking her toes and also playing with my purse), it's the word that matters. It's her first word, loud and clear, and she likes to repeat it often. I can't wait until she says it and understands the meaning behind it. Just hearing it though makes me smile and it couldn't sound sweeter. I know that in less than two months, I'll be going back to work and I'll likely miss more of her firsts. For now, I'll treasure the days I have left with her and keep recording these special moments.

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Friendly Fly said...

"Mama" - sweet and touching!!!