Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hannah has spent lots of time crawling on our floor mats and the hardwood. Ten months old and ready to explore the world! Knowing how hard the floor must be, we slapped some cute Baby Legs on her and vroom, vroom, vroom! Off she went! Great at protecting her knees and shins, Hannah liked having her mobility without any ounce of pain. We loved having the choice of putting them on when she was just wearing a onesie or making her fashion forward when wearing a denim skirt! Excellent for those warm end of summer days, but cool nights.

Baby Legs are adorable leg warmers that are the perfect size for the littlest legs. They are great for using around the house when your little one is only in a diaper, but you'd like to keep the legs warm. They are stylish when worn with skirts or can be used to cover up legs under the hot sun. Some even choose to use them on their arms! Whatever you choose, you're surely going to receive compliments on the design. They have dots, stripes, animal prints, plaids, hearts, and even organic. You name it, they've got it.

Hannah tried on some stylish Baby Legs and we both loved it. Cute, easy to put on, and most importantly, functional (protective), we can't get enough. The plain colours are easy to match with outfits while special ones like an Easter pattern puts anyone in a festive mood. Baby Legs work just as well for the boys especially the ones who are eager to explore the world around them. They also work well on carpet to save you and your little guy the heartache of rug burn!

Check out their website for colour selection. You'll be hooked! Get those little legs into a pair today!!!

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