Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Among my circle of friends, I'm known for having a knack for finding the best baby items in terms of quality and value so the Mother-Ease diapers and covers are no different. Since 1991, Mother-Ease has been creating cloth diapering systems in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada with for their loyal followers. Their strong belief in protecting the environment has lead them to use 100% green power since 2007. Cheers to a leak-free diapering system and a passion for taking care of our world!

This company was generous enough to allow for a testing of their Sandy's Cloth Diapers as well as the Air Flow Covers. The cotton and bamboo diapers were both very soft, comfortable, and form-fitting. No chaffing at all! The covers were very light (extremely important during these hot summer months) with a variety of buttons to adjust for size and had adorable patterns on them. Hannah loved the animal theme the best!

The diapers have an excellent absorption factor and can hold about 15 oz of liquid. As with all cloth diapers, their job is to draw moisture away from the skin. Cloth diapers tend not to absorb as much liquid as disposables so frequent changing is necessary. However, as your baby grows up, diaper changes become less frequent.

Check out the Mother-Ease site and their large range of cloth diapers. Be kind to your environment and your baby. Consider cloth diapering!

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