Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Babywearing has been practiced for decades. It's wearing or carrying your baby or child in a sling, carrier, or pouch. It helps the baby and mother bond quicker. The baby becomes more independent as well as calmer because the mother's scent, heartbeat, and movements are so close to the baby, reassuring the young child that Mom is always accessible. Wearing a baby also gives the mother her hands back which allows her to do simple tasks like carrying bags, washing dishes, or folding laundry.

I love love love my hugamonkey sling. It's easy, light, and washable. The colours are neutral so it makes it easy for mommies to hug their monkeys, but daddies are welcome to hug too! I love holding Hannah close and she clearly prefers being held rather than sitting in her stroller. She loves falling asleep in my arms while we're shopping and having the freedom to walk around with my baby and sorting through the sale racks is a dream come true!

Easy to use and starting at $24.99, the hugamonkey is a convenient and hip way to carry around your little one. I've received lots of envious looks when I'm hands-free while others are struggling with a little one and trying to answer a cell phone and steer a stroller. Get chic and buy your own baby sling today! I promise that it is the MUST HAVE for any mom who loves to cuddle with her little monkey while getting things done.

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