Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It's been one full week of school so how are you holding up? Has caffeine been your best friend? Getting used to the same questions again and again?

Thought I'd share a couple of tips for keeping the room organized and yourself sane.

Number your children instead of memorizing their last names in alphabetical order. That way, you can quick put work in order or have helpers find out which kids didn't submit their assignments. It's easier to teach numerical order than alphabetical to your young student helpers.

Practice for a fire drill or code red alert. There's bound to be something in the first couple of weeks of school. Remember to assign someone to close the classroom door and prepare the kids in case they are not with the class when a fire drill happens.

Take the time to label everything in the class. Although it may be time consuming, it will save you the trouble of pointing out where the scissors, glue sticks, and recycling twenty times throughout the year.

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