Monday, September 28, 2009


After a long day at a TRIBES course, I didn't feel like cooking and my husband wanted to go out. Already stuffy and tired from a cold, I couldn't fight the temptation. We went to one of our faves because of its proximity to our home and endless salads and delicious bread, Eastside Mario's.

Near the end of the meal (which Hannah slept through, yay), the waitress offered us the Kids' Menu so we could get something for the baby. I explained that we brought our own food for her as she was only ten months old. I began to feed her from the Thermos, but gave her bits of bread. The waitress came back again to ask if we wanted the kid's item to go. I was confused, but clued in eat free in September so she wanted us to take advantage.

I'm all about the freebies (and surprised I didn't know about this one) so we got some chicken strips and grilled veggies for later (my husband wanted fries, but I went with the healthier choice). Great promotion especially in the month of September when school has just begun and who couldn't use a special treat? Each item off the kids' menu comes with ice cream! Hip Teacher Mamas, bring you and your family out for a delicious dinner. You still have a few days left of September to enjoy it.

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