Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I love to organize. I absolutely LOVE it. It can be my drawers, closet, desk, or shelves, whatever it is, I like having things grouped, separated, and stored. Hence, finding binders, racks, and all those storage solutions is a thrill and challenge. Before school began, I wanted to revamp my whole classroom system so of course, I headed to Staples. Although they had what I needed, it was also at a ridiculous price (for which I would never get reimbursed). I decided to check out the Pickering Markets (formerly known as the Pickering Flea Markets).

There I was able to get large blue and black 2" binders at a deal. I negotiated from $3 each (at Staples they were about $12-$16 each) to less than $2 each. Some vendors had plastic sheets to store your blackline masters, plastic crates that would be perfect for the puppet centre, and Tupperware ideal for manipulatives.

So before heading to the regular teacher stores, try your local markets. It may take longer to find the items you need, but you will save a lot of money and we know how much we spend in the classroom already.

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