Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I get really annoyed when people make comments like, "Teachers have the cushiest job in the world. You just babysit all day." "It's the best job because you have two months off." My favourite is, "I want to be a teacher. It's easy, right?" I guess it can be "easy", but some of us don't just sit at home all summer and rest. Some of us plan and prep during July and August. I know some of my friends are just as hardcore as I am so they've been their rooms cleaning up, organizing, and yikes, the scariest thing of all, throwing things out! (It's true, teachers are pack rats).

Here are some things that I came across while in my new classroom and wanted to remind all teachers out there to do the same:

1) Label the books. Each student needs to take ownership in this year's learning materials.
2) Provide games and activities for indoor recess. The local dollar store has chess, checkers, snakes and ladders, and dominoes for just a buck.
3) Keep hand sanitizer nearby. Self-explanatory.
4) Post a class list by the door. Students always seem to get lost on the first day.
5) Label the hooks. The last thing you need is someone fighting for the "best hook".
6) Wear a lanyard. You'll never lock yourself out of the classroom.
7) Provide extra pencils, crayons, scissors, rulers, and glue. Your students will thank you.
8) Assign chores within the classroom. Students love to help and develops responsibility.
9) Word Walls and Personal Dictionaries are great for their self-confidence. They don't need the teacher as much.
10) Label as much as you can in the room. Students learn while saving you time in the long run.

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